What we have loved, others will love, and we
will teach them how.


A well-rounded education is the most important and valuable gift we can give to out posterity. It allows our children to be successful in life and provide for a more positive and just society. To provide a well-rounded education, the student must be exposed to many points of view, sciences, and arts. One of, if not the most, influential arts and sciences of our culture and society is music. It combines science, math, language, physics, and history into one exact and intellectually demanding art that replicates mood, atmosphere, and emotion. No other science can duplicate humanism, feeling, or emotion as music can.

For these reasons, a music education must expose the humanity of society and, through demanding and engaging study, prepare the student to appreciate and engage the works that continually reflect and shape one’s society. It must also provide opportunities to understand musical techniques and applications and how they relate to the standard music curriculum through additional courses expounding on theory, observation, and performance.